There are days when you don’t feel like staying on.

Tired, angry, disappointed, heavy days like few others you have experienced in your life. Days to be lost in memory, to be let pass quickly, to be drowned in a beautiful and passionate memory. Because there is always something pleasant to remember that can put the present aside. At least, for a while.

We were convinced that everything was due to us, that nothing could stop us. Sure to have our life in hand, free to choose how to use it. It was also nice to be wrong, because in one way or another there was always the possibility of remedying. We were afraid, yes, but just enough to give a sense of joy to our existence.

Now that fear has become uneasy. Just turn on the TV to see the portrait of a different world, more fragile, insecure, scared. Like few other times in its history. And then we are reminded of the words of Robert Louis Stevenson, who brought out from the darkness that Mr. Hyde who knows how many times, in the most tangled moments of our existence, we have mistaken for Dr. Jekyll: “Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others ”.

Here, let’s stay on. Together.