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Listenings: ‘The Downward Spiral’ by Nine Inch Nails

‘The Downward Spiral’ by Nine Inch Nails: it was not (only) the industrial music revolution. Among the albums that we always remember with great affection because it contributed significantly to the musical formation of Codice EGO is also this, the third album by Trent Reznor’s band, released in 1994. It was hailed by the press […]

Flavio Ferri, our producer: a speech

Flavio Ferri, the producer of Codice EGO from its origins. Friend. The least aligned and predictable person we know, which is why we chose to work with him. Here are his thoughts on the things we have shared in recent times. And some anticipations, even on bandages… See the video on Facebook.

RUMORE – Review of “Rainbow’s End Ep”

“The tracks draw on the alternative rock sounds of the mid-90s to take us darkly and elusively through the dark turmoil of the soul…”. Thanks to Simona Ventrella for her kind words on the “Rainbow’s End Ep” in the current issue of the italian magazine Rumore.